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Our Approach


We are a husband and wife team who complement each other in many ways.  What you get are two people grounded in their faith who love helping couples realize the possibilities of their reception. Heather says this of Mike, “Mike is thoughtful, Loving and dedicated. Mike sees the big picture for weddings.  He then can take moments and individualize them and look for all the possibilities…what will happen before and after and during.  He seems to naturally be able to picture all this in his mind’s eye and steer couples through to the other side…safely.  Then it materializes on the day before your very eyes.  He stays calm in every moment.  Whether it’s with me our crazy kids or crazy adults, it’s all good in his hands.”

“We’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

Dr. Seuss

Our Values

We love what we get to do so much that there is no other way to approach your wedding day than to take on the responsibility of the success of your reception.

We Met At...

The University of Wisconsin at River Falls

It was 1993, the spring of our sophomore year. Our relationship grew strong and fast.  At the time Mike thought Heather liked his next door neighbor.  Good thing Heather made the first move.


September 17th 1994

We were married at Mike’s church Immaculate Heart of Mary. A great memory from that day was riding in our Best Man’s Corvair convertible like we were in a parade and strangers taking pictures.

Our Family

We have 3 Amazing kids

Thomas – our oldest and our go with the flow kid that is always calm

Ethan – the middle child, enough said

Emma – our youngest and according to Ethan she gets away with everything

Performance Education

= workshops

Since 2006 Mike has attended many classes to continue his growth as a Wedding Master of Ceremonies.  Bringing more to a wedding than just a DJ has driven Mike to learn and provide more.

Working Together

Mike and Heather

To work with the one you love, to enhance the love of the ones you work for is something that is so wonderful it is hard to put into words.  WE LOVE IT!



We are FUN – You will have FUN – Your guests will have FUn

Isn’t it funny that when you say FUN over and over the word sounds FUN, huh?

Our Story


The beginning

Mike’s love for weddings came right away in his DJ career.  At the time he was aspiring to be on the radio and took the mobile DJ job to keep up on current music and to work on his ad lib skills.  What he found was that he could make a difference for couples and their families on a big live moment.  Plus it was thrilling to get an instant reaction to pushing the play button.  Now that instant reaction is from the music he plays and from the moments Mike and Heather create with their couples ie. the Cake Cutting Ceremony.

Seeing improvement

Heather has always been interested in how Mike’s weddings went.  In late 2015 she asked, “Hey, what is I worked with you?”  Now working together Heather gets to play a role in the planning and the performance of the weddings.  It’s been a perfect match.

Into the future 

Heather has been an amazing addition to Mike Anderson Weddings.  Mike says this about Heather, “It is awesome to see Heather at our first meetings with our couples.  I always thought I connected very well with my couples, but with Heather she has an even deeper connection.  It truly is beautiful.  She also helps me with the day to day operations and keeping me on track with the steps we have created for our couples.  She is a part of the creation of ideas for our couples.  Day of the wedding she is there by my side to make sure the timeline is being followed.  She is a coordinator for the couple as well making sure that the VIPs are in the room and that the photographer and videographer are ready before I present anything.  She is a great help and I love having her with me at weddings.”

Let us help you make your wedding