How can you make your wedding unique?

//How can you make your wedding unique?

How can you make your wedding unique?

This is Nick Reitenhour who does Live Painting – this is certainly something unique

(At the end of this blog you will have 2 ways to make your wedding different.  We would love it if you did both.) 

One of our strengths at Mike Anderson Weddings is listening to our couples and then helping them create their reception.  Something we hear often from couples is that they want something unique, something different from the other weddings they have been to.

Unfortunately many weddings are, as we call them in the industry, cookie cutter weddings.  Meaning that the wedding is created without the couple.  These weddings happen the same way week after week, the only difference is that each week a new bride and groom are “plugged in”.  We have all attended a wedding like this, nothing special goes on, however all the typical wedding events happen.  It is also unfortunate that these weddings are seen as “good” weddings.  It is mostly seen this way because most guest only experience weddings like these.

An example of a cookie cutter wedding event is the grand entrance where the “DJ” announces the wedding party as if they are the starting line up of a sports team and each couple comes in the room and does a dance move or they strike a pose.  BTW, this is one of the biggest moments our couples want to avoid.  In fact some couples tell us that they would like to skip the grand entrance because they think this is the only way to do a grand entrance.  The wonderful thing is that after talking with the couple we show them that there are MANY different ways to do a grand entrance.  In the end most of our couples choose to do a grand entrance.

Another example is, and it’s easy to pick out, listen to the “DJ” when they talk about anyone involved in the wedding as they refer to them as, Bride, Groom, Father of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Best Man, Maid of Honor.  Everyone else in the room knows their names why doesn’t the “DJ”.

  • side note I am putting quotes around DJ for a reason but that is for another blog

So how do you make your wedding different?  One way is by hiring wedding vendors that do things differently.  Interview the people you are considering and ask them how can they help you make your wedding different.

BIG TIP – if you are handed a sheet and told to make check marks next to the things you want – RUN.  This is not going to make your wedding different, this is not customizing your wedding.

One of our joys is meeting with couples and just talk about their wedding.  We want to show every couple the possibilities available for their wedding.  Once a couple knows the possibilities it makes it easier for them to choose the right vendors.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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