You only get one “Shot”

//You only get one “Shot”

You only get one “Shot”

You Only Get One “Shot” – Why you want a professional Wedding Photography

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I had a wonderful conversation with Julie Larson of Engage Me Photography and wanted to share some important information that may help you choose the right photographer for you.

First and Foremost – Julie has so much passion for the couples she works with and it shows in so many ways. You see it in her photos. You can see it when she talks about her couples and also hear it when her couples talk about her.  This passion is a big reason why you will love working with Julie.  When you talk to her about the first dance and father daughter dance moments you may see her tear up.

Let’s get this right Julie is an artist.  Her mind sees everything differently than most of us.  When she is at a wedding she is noticing all the little details we don’t.  Things like where is the natural light coming from? Is it sunlight or artificial?  What is in the background?  Where are the shadows? What is the light temperature? Once she processes all of that she then is able to quickly and CORRECTLY set her camera settings.   With the picture painted in her mind she gets herself in the right spot so that she can anticipate the right moment to capture the moment that will tell a story in the photo.  She does all of this very quickly and the end results are wonderful.

Julie is out to not only capture the moment in a beautiful way but she really wants to tell her clients story through photos.  How do you tell the story you ask?  Let’s look at moments like the Bride getting ready.  Julie has already done her homework.  She knows who is in the room and why.  She knows the story about the dress.  Did grandma make is?  Who was there when she tried it on for the first time and more.  Because Julie knows these things she knows how to capture the moment when grandma helps the bride get into the dress.  How to get her maid of honor in the photo with that look she had when she saw the bride in that dress for the first time.  All while not forcing the moment to keep it natural and real.

Timeline – oh let’s talk about the timeline.  Julie works with her clients very closely on the timeline.  She knows how to help the couple know the things they don’t know that they need to know.  Huh?  Just know that Julie knows the details that you don’t and listen to her, you can thank me later for that.  There are so many little thing you don’t know that affect your timeline from getting ready to family and wedding party photos to getting to the church on time.  Let her guide you.

Light is the most important tool for a photographer it’s not the camera.  Knowing how light affects the photo is the difference from getting the perfect shot of the first kiss to a blurry one.  It is the difference from hiring a professional and a friend who has a good camera.  Hiring a professional who has the right lighting equipment and knows how to use it, when to use it, will make all the difference for you, from that breathtaking large framed centerpiece family heirloom to a photo you put in a book and will only look at a few times during your marriage.

Take it from someone who had a family friend take our wedding photos.  Our photos are in a book and I can’t tell you the last time I looked at them.  Side story, when my sister got married she and my mom made sure that a professional photographer was one of their first hires.  My sister has breathtaking large framed centerpiece family heirloom photo.

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