Met with an awesome travel agent today.

//Met with an awesome travel agent today.

Met with an awesome travel agent today.

Heather and I got a chance to sit down with Kim Olsen with Carrousel Travel.  Carrousel Travel

First and foremost – for any of your travel needs, do yourself a favor and contact a travel agent.  You may not know this but travel agents do not charge you for their services*. They have access to things you do not AND if you ever have any trouble while traveling you have someone who is easy to get a hold of and will have your back.  This all means peace of mind and experiences you could not get on your own.

The other reason to work with a travel agent is that they have been there, they have relationships with the hotels.  They will get to know you and what you really want and match you with places that will be perfect – try to get that through just photos and written descriptions that you get from those DYI travel sites.

Kim is wonderful.  She is very caring and has been at this for a very long time.  She loves working with couples planning their honeymoon and knows many places that cater to honeymooners.  From spending your day on the beach just enjoying each others company to a day full of excursions.

Contact Kim at 651-351-2787 ext. 2 or [email protected]


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